What does Maths look like at Hellingly?

At Hellingly, English Maths underpins our learning across the curriculum.

At Hellingly School we follow the Inspire Maths scheme of work. It has been developed to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum and engage, support and challenge children efficiently.

The concrete-pictorial-abstract approach

Inspire focuses on the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach and emphasises the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, which help children make connections to develop deeper understanding. The powerful concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, including the bar model is central to this.

The bar model

The bar model is a step by step method that helps children understand and extract the information within a calculation or word problem. By drawing a bar model children translate a calculation or word problem into a picture. The approach helps children to process the information given the problem, visualise the structure, make connections and solve the problem.

Higher order questioning

At Hellingly we stimulate thinking beyond the activities in the Pupil Textbooks. The activities should kick-start mathematically meaningful conversations through questioning, giving children opportunities to think mathematically, discover connections and be creative. The children move on from the skills, to deepening questions and then deep challenges throughout a lesson. These challenges focus on problem solving, explanation and reasoning. Children who have really deepened their learning in a lesson are selected to be the days Maths Wizard!

Inspire Maths

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