What an awesome afternoon!


Everyone has had a good afternoon doing various activities and enjoyed the dinner, some children even had seconds and wanted thirds! We are currently in the ‘classroom’ completing our diary entries so we don’t forget all the exciting things we have done today, before heading off on a night walk later this evening.

Earlier today, Georgie impressed everyone in group 1 with her archery skills, winning the mini tournament with an impressive 55 points! ( Miss Pettigrew coming a close second!)

Jamie was an expert map reader during orientation, leading his team to find the hidden markers with skills, determination and persistence!

During rock climbing, Sam really persevered and, on his second attempt, climbed to the top of the wall! Bethany was an awesome climber and showed no fear; getting to the top on both of her climbs.

Group three, also worked really well together as a team on their ‘team exercise’ , just what we like to see from our Hellingly pupils!

Finally, Happy Birthday to Chelsea, what a wonderful way to spend your birthday, we will be all tucking into birthday cake with a hot chocolate later tonight!



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  1. I had a great time at Hindleap it was a lovely birthday I think it was the best birthday I have ever had. It was awesome spending a whole week with my friends!

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