Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development

What is SMSC?

Spiritual meaning

  • Experiencing wonders of the world (man-made and natural) to develop fascination, awe and wonder
  • Exploring the values and beliefs of others to develop empathy and respect
  • Having a range of experiences to develop understanding of human feelings and emotions
  • Using imagination and creativity in learning to develop and celebrate individuality in expressive responses

Moral meaning

  • Investigating values and ethical issues to develop their own moral principles
  • Exploring behaviours and their consequences in order to recognise right and wrong and to make right choices for themselves
  • Having a range of opportunities to express their own views and understand that others may hold different views or beliefs

Social meaning

  • Experiencing real life social situations to develop personal qualities and social skills
  • Participating in co-operative debate and role play that promotes the skills of conflict resolution
  • Appreciating the rights and responsibilities of individuals within the wider social setting (families, school, local and wider communities) to develop understanding of how communities and societies function

Cultural meaning

  • Exploring their own culture and the culture of others (locally and internationally) to develop understanding and respect for diversity, to challenge assumptions and negative stereotypes
  • Participate and respond to a well selected repertoire of cultural media and traditions in order to develop a sense of personal enrichment and appreciation of culture
  • Having a range of opportunities to express their own particular gifts and talents in music, art and literature in order to develop personal creative qualities