Welcome to your PTA page!

The PTA Team have had a successful year of fundraising efforts and want to celebrate it with you! After all they couldn't do any of it without your continued support.

The PTA fills an important gap in providing resources, treats for the children and equipment for the School who are stretched by budget cuts.

At Hellingly the children are taught from day 1 to be proud of their school and by being a volunteer, or committee member of the PTA, we feel this does the same for parents.

We have a great committee team, recently joined by new parents of children that have started in Reception!

This last academic year, the PTA worked really hard to raise money for the school to develop an essential IT suite! The new ICT suite looks fantastic and has already proved a valuable asset to the Computing curriculum.


Additionally the PTA made it possible for the entire school to go to the Pantomime at Christmas as well as providing much needed tools for the cooking room and garden area.

Going forward, the PTA will be helping the school via securing grants and fundraising to purchase new computers for the IT suite and also new indoor PE and gymnastics equipment! We are also planning to provide Christmas presents for each class, as well as funding at least one end of term reward day!

We would also like to thank all of our wonderful community who support many of the events organised by the PTA.

If you have any fundraising ideas or would like to join the PTA please contact a committee member, details in the table.

The Committee


Year 6 & 2 Sam Ritchie
Year 2 Carol Hill
Year 4 & 2 Katie Vos
Year 4 Alison Miller
Year 4, Year 1 & Rec Heidi Jaquet
Year 4 Hannah Pelling
Year 2 Maria Shearing
Year 5 Corrine Evans
Year 5 & Rec Sarah Keech
Year 2 Lucy Gribble
Year 2 Jenny Silver
Year 2 & Rec Pippa Bonniface
Year 1 Catherine Nuttall
Year 2 Lorna Gietzen
Year 2 Natasha Woodgate
Year 2 Lucy Upton
  Caroline Rosan
  Katy Heasman
Year 1 Melanie Coupland
Year 2 & Rec Anna Wheatley
Year 2 & Rec Rikki-Gene Bury
Year 2 & Rec Abbey Brown