Hindleap Update 9 – Thursday morning

We started the morning with a happy birthday to Joseph G – what a great place to have a birthday! Then it was time for our surprise – letters from home. There was a real feel of excitement as we opened the envelopes and eagerly read the news from home.

After a hearty breakfast it was time for the high life today for group 2 and they were amazing as they all got stuck into climbing Jacob’s Ladder.  Marley was straight to it after a motivational speech from Ben and they even stopped for a quick look at the view!  Max was like a cat climbing up the high adventure and sat at the top proud of what he had managed to achieve.

Group 1 started off with the chance to develop their team building skills and enjoyed all the challenges set for them.  Harvey, Maisie, Maddison, Ruby and Rachel showed great support for each other as they worked their way through the different tasks set for them.

Meanwhile, Amber O tackled the maze – look at the concentration on her face as she tries to get the ball round the maze without dropping it t hroigh the hole.  Go Amber!

Group 3 set off for a final roll in the mud as they tackled the obstacle course! Poppy took up the challenge and really went for it flying around the obstacles as fast as she could!

Final stop that morning was something a little drier, archery an activity many of us had never done before. Thomas and Joseph were keen to have a go and hit the target!

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