Hindleap Update 8 – Wednesday afternoon

What an amazing afternoon we had on our Forest Adventure,  setting off in search of the Dropbear – a rare species and cousin of the famous Koala bear.  We had to dress up in our toughest gear as we knew that were was likely to be lots of mud, our Chair of Governors really decided to dress for the occasion.

Luckily we could not find our furry friend and found some great games to play instead.  Hide and seek is amazing in the forest as there are so many places to hide – unfortunately for some of us our spotty wellies gave away our secret hiding place! Here are some of the winners of our forest hide and seek, Elle and Alfie were amazing and managed to secure a double win. Libby, Indiah and Harry somehow managed to hide all their spots, flowers and green checks to take their place on winners rock.

The final places went to Connor, Alfie, Elle and Joseph A who pulled off a very strategic final dash! Following our games it was time for the serious stuff and we set off on the final adventure in the forest.  We spent the next hour crossing some tough terrain, crawling on our front through mud and water to reach our final destination.  Mrs Carne needed to be pulled out of the mud as she was having so much fun!

Hetti seemed to have a particular love of mud and chose to wash her face in it!

Madison was very brave as she got her welly stuck and had to be rescued by the very brave Connor. Poppy was a real motivator and encouraged others to take the plunge and tackle the mud head on and everyone did just that!  Arriving back at base was interesting – most of the mud returned with us and it was a tough challenge removing wellie boots that had become suctioned to the feet.  Mrs Ward pulled many wellies off and emptied the water out before it was inside for a well earned shower.  Hannah decided to take the safer option and sit on the floor to pull her wellies off!

I have to finish our day with a big vote of thanks to Joseph and Hetti who spent ages sweeping and mopping up the mess in all the dormitories – what superstars!

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