Hindleap Update 5 – Tuesday Afternoon

Great time tackling the different activities. Rachel was amazing and made a huge jump to grab the bar and make her leap of faith.  Miss Pettigrew climbed right to the top and then in her attempt to Reach for the Stars – made her own leap of faith!

The canoeing group had a brilliant time and arrived back wet but happy! The children are really rising to every challenge and demonstrating a real strength of character.  Bo has been amazing as she tackled the muddy tunnels, overcoming any fears to reach the other side.  Maisie has been incredible as she pushes herself one step further each time and overcomes every challenge.  Connor – King of the Mud for finding every possible muddy patch to roll in – 100% effort for mud bathing Connor! Finally, Alfie who has been amazing, always encouraging others and believing in them.  All the children have been so supportive of each other when facing the different challenges offered to them. They are encouraging each other to perservere and not to give up.  What a great class Planets!

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