National Schools Table Tennis Championships

One of our Year 5 boys had the chance to take part in the National Schools Table Tennis Championships.


He competed against many other children winning some games and a match.


At times it was highly tense but he held his nerve and one of the judges commented on how calm he was.  He had a great time and it was a fantastic experience.


Welcome back – it is Term 5!

Mrs Ward started the new term with an assembly about the E word. After many attempts at what the E word might be including – enthusiasm, excellence, enjoyment, energy and engagement the children arrived at the word effort!

The children explored the concept of effort and how that underpins our values of respect, achievement and perseverance.  The children discussed how effort = success and began to discuss how everything else is important but without effort we cannot achieve our full potential.



School Census

The School Census is on Thursday 21st January 2016. The money the school receives to fund the Universal Free School Meals in Reception and Key Stage 1 and Free School Meals in Key Stage 2 for the whole year, is based on the uptake of school dinners on this identified day.   Yesterday, Mrs Boorman emailed out the special Census Day menu – with an Italian theme.

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Please encourage your child to have a school dinner, especially in Reception or Key Stage 1.

Many thanks



Kata Success!


It was a pleasure to celebrate with our 2 siblings in Year 1 and Year 4 during our Gold Award Assembly last week.  It was success with a green belt for our Year 4 champion and an orange belt and trophy to our Year 1 champion for most improvement for his kata – a set of self defence techniques. Well done to both boys for their commitment to a great sport!