Self Evaluation Priorities for 2016-17

A Leadership & Management

Priority A1

To continue to ensure the quality of leadership and management is outstanding and has the capacity to improve standards across the school


A1.1 Senior leaders to coach new staff and secure at least 100% good + teaching and learning across the school

A1.2 Senior leaders to coach new subject leaders to maintain outstanding leadership in PE, Art & Design, History and Design Technology.

Priority A2

To respond to the political agenda and to investigate new models of leadership


A2.1 Senior leaders and Governors to explore the potential for and implications of academisation in order to secure the future of the school.

B Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Priority B1

Improve standards in writing across the school


B1.1 Improve the teaching of spelling and punctuation across the school to improve pupils’ accuracy in their writing across the curriculum.

B1.2 Continue to secure accurate, consistent and effective teacher assessments across the school.

Priority B2

Improve the quality of mathematics provision across the school


B2.1 Improve the rigour in mathematics so that the most able pupils are provided with challenging tasks more quickly.

C Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

Priority C1

Raise aspirations for personal development and behaviour across the school


C1.1 Support children to take a pride in their behaviour and well being

C1.2 Ensure children are independent and take a more personal responsibility to self-regulate their behaviour

Priority C2

To promote healthy lifestyle


C2.1 Improve opportunities for pupils to be active and tackle obesity

C2.2 Ensure the curriculum reinforces a healthy lifestyle

C2.3 Promote a healthy lifestyle to parents

D Outcomes for Children and Learners

Priority D1

Further improve outcomes for learners in Reading


D1.1: Increase silent reading stamina

D1.2: Develop precision of responding to texts

D1.3: Expand the vocabulary and understanding

D1.4: Maintain enjoyment and engagement in reading 

Priority D2

Further improve outcomes for learners in Writing (See Priority 2)

Priority D3

Further improve outcomes for learners in Mathematics (See Priority 2)

Priority D4

Accelerate the progress of vulnerable pupils across the school. 


D4.1 Accelerate the progress of SEND pupils in order to close the gap between rates of progress and attainment in Reading, Writing & Mathematics across the school.

E Effectiveness of the Early Years Provision

Priority E1

Further improve provision for writing in EYFS


E1.1 Provide boys in the early years with irresistible opportunities to write independently.

E1.2 Close the gap between boys and girls in EYFS with a particular focus on writing.